Ghana library named after department chair for devotion to curbing global maternal deaths

“People enter our lives and leave without making any impression, but Tim has made such an impeccable impression on the hearts and souls of every one he met in Ghana and West Africa” – Yao Kwawukume

It was a basic human need that compelled University of Michigan Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. Timothy R.B. Johnson to devote his life to global maternal health: Far too many women around the world were dying of preventable deaths.

The maternal mortality ratio in Ghana was dismal, the country steadily losing women in their communities to complications during pregnancy, childbirth and other health issues that could have been avoided simply by the right medical training and care. It’s what led Johnson down a path that has become his legacy: A 25-year collaboration between U-M and Ghana resulting in the training of more than 140 obstetricians in the country today.

Now, to honor Johnson for the difference he’s made in the region, a family health hospital established due to Johnson’s mentorship has named its library after him. The library at the Family Health Medical School, the first private medical school in the sub-region, is now called the Tim Johnson Library Complex.


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Monday, June 15, 2015