Annie Lewandowski in 2012 Terri Murtland Scholarship Winner

Anne Lewandowski and Mrs. MurtlandThis year’s scholarship was awarded to Annie Lewandowski, a Masters student at the UMSN, who shares many of Terri’s interests. Annie supports normal, physiologic birth, as well as learning about and practicing evidence-based midwifery care.  She’s also interested in international midwifery. She said, “I am honored to receive the Terri Murtland Scholarship. I am so thankful to the Murtland family for their incredible generosity and dedication to midwifery education.  Terri's life and work are such an inspiration, and this scholarship is a lovely way to carry on her legacy."

Terri Murtland Scholarship

The Terri Murtland MSN, CNM Lectureship and Scholarship was established in Fall 2008 by Terri’s mother, Audrey Murtland and is supported by Terri’s many family members and friends as a memorial to Terri who was an exemplary individual and midwife.

Terri inspired many on to careers in nursing and midwifery to such a degree that a favorite saying among CNM’s at the University of Michigan became “what would Terri do”?  This statement reflects the trust and respect that Terri held among her colleagues.  She  modeled careful consideration of the clinical situation and in partnership with the woman and her family and her obstetric colleagues as needed, she would develop a plan of care which was trusted, by all involved, to be the right thing to do. Considered a mentor to many and a pioneer in midwifery in Michigan, Terri joined the Nurse-Midwifery Service at UMHS in 1985.  She was a highly respected clinician, researcher and teacher whose leadership inspired those around her. Terri worked diligently, inspiring others to give their best at all times to the women and families for whom they cared.  

Terri’s career was cut short in 2008 after a lengthy battle with cancer but her legacy in midwifery lives on in the form of this lectureship and scholarship.  

Past Terri Murtland Scholarship Award Winners:

2011 Jennifer Kittell
2010 Tanya Vaughn
2009 Melisa Scott